Sugawa Laboratory

Sugawa Laboratory

Sugawa Laboratory


Sugawa, ToshiyukiProfessor
Tanaka, HajimeAssociate Professor → Homepage
Ohno, RintaroSenior Assistant Professor at OIR, Tohoku University
Gouke, NorieD3
Chen, GangqiangD3
Md. Shafiul AlamD1
Kumagai, ShunD1
Ma, XiushuangD1
Saito, YasuhiroM2
Shibata, YudaiM1

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About Prof. Sugawa

Picture Sugawa

Question for the PhD students:

"What words/phrases do you associate with Prof. Sugawa?"


  rigorous (x3), mushroom hunting (x2), fast walker, plain attitude, intelligent, mild disposition, brilliant, man of character, conscientious, genious, calm, illuminating instructions, busy, cool, constant, homorous, systematical

  ... Well, at least these were the answers to the questionnaire.

  But honestly, talking about those obvious things like "rigourous", "intelligent", "genious" or "man of character" seems quite boring and to be an old hat. So, lets focus on the more interesting sides. At first, "mushroom hunting" comes to mind. Prof. Sugawa is a member of the Sendai Mushroom Club and spends a lot of time in the woods. As a result, he is also a "fast walker" on level ground. (He might say, that other people are too slow.)
  His "constant" and almost "plain attitude" leads to a "systematical" approach for all matter. During the seminars Prof. Suwaga is always "conscientious" with a "mild disposition" and gives very "illuminating instructions". This "calm" basis is probably the key to manage his "busy" schedule in a "brilliant", "humorous" and, one might even say, "cool" way.

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Picture Ohno

Ohno, Rintaro

  People often get confused when they meet me for the first time. Contrary to my typically Japanese name, my appearance can be considered European (or more accurately almost "American"). One of the reasons lies in the fact, that my mother is German and my father Japanese, with the result, sometimes to be considered a foreigner in both cultures.
  Before I came to the Tohoku University, I studied at Würzburg University and since my passport says "Ono" instead of "Ohno" (due to some bureaucratic reasons beyond my understanding) the most common question I've been asked so far is: "Have you met John Lennon?" (There's a difference between a long "Oh" and a short "O", y'know.)
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Former Members of the PhD Course (digest)

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Jiang, YanShantou University (China)
Shimauchi, HirokazuYamanashi Eiwa University → Homepage
Zhang, TanranSoochow University (China)
Sun, Lijie Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Wang, Li-Mei University of International Business and Economics (China)
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