During a week period in summer, Research Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics (RCPAM) at Graduate School of Information Sciences (GSIS),Tohoku University invites highly regarded faculty from around the world to deliver graduate level courses in the mathematical sciences and their applications. This year we will focus on Periodic homogenization of PDE's with Numerical Analysis. Our instructors and applicants come from a diverse set of countries including China, France, Japan, Korea, Russia, the US, and our main goal is to broaden the education in the multicultural and international flavour of our School.

    Francois Alouges (Paris) Periodic homogenization of PDE's (Lecture series)
    Junji Kato (Sendai)
    Jun Masamune (Sendai)
    Kaname Matsue (Tokyo)
    Takashi Nakazawa (Sendai)
    Yoshihiko Sano (Shizuoka)
    Kenjiro Terada (Sendai)
    Takashi Yamamoto (Tokyo)

    The scientific organizers are Reika Fukuizumi, Jun Masamune, Jinhae Park, Shigeru Sakaguchi, Kenjiro Terada, Chuanju Xu. Please contact Jun Masamune with any questions regarding the summer school.

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