Algebraic Combinatorics

An International Conference in Honour of Eiichi Bannai´s 60th Birthday

June 26 - 30, 2006

Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan

Sponsored by

Kyushu University COE Program
Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University.



Third (Final) Announcement


The Conference Algebraic Combinatorics


It is an annual conference dedicated to the themes in the field of algebraic combinatorics, including association schemes, codes, designs, finite geometry, graphs, and groups. This year´s conference, which is the 23rd of the series, is especially dedicated to the work of Eiichi Bannai in celebration of his 60th birthday. This field has been remarkable growth since 1984 publication of Bannai and Ito´s book, ``Algebraic Combinatorics I: Association Schemes.´´ Research developments on this subject have proceeded at an extraordinary pace in various directions in the last two decades. The goals of the conference are to disseminate some of the recent successes on the subject to the mathematical community, to discuss various emerging mathematical topics for which algebraic and combinatorial techniques are needed, and to bring together Bannai´s associates to celebrate Eiichi´s career.


First announcement

Second announcement

Plenary speakers

Program and abstracts

Downloadable program and abstract booklet is now finalized and available here. A printed version will be distributed on-site.

Travel information

Expired pages

Pre-registration and conference accommodation reservation are now closed. Conference registration will be available on-site. The following information can be found in the second announcement of the conference.

Conference banquet

There will be a conference banquet on Thursday, June 29 at Sendai Excel Hotel Tokyu. Registered participants are requested to pay a fee of 5,000 yen (3,000 yen for students) at the information desk. If you have not arranged with pre-registration but you wish to join, then please sign up and pay the fee at the information desk by Tuesday, June 27.


There will be an excursion to a cherry farm in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 28. Registered participants are requested to pay a fee of 4,000 yen at the information desk. If you have not arranged with pre-registration but you wish to join, then contact the information desk.

Audio/visual information

All the sessions are being held at Hagi Conference Hall in Sendai International Center. Hagi Conference Hall will have two overhead projectors, two screens. We will set up beamers and whiteboards upon request. We do not, however, recommend using whiteboards because of its (non-)visibility.

Internet service

There will be two Windows PC's and a Mac connected to the internet near the information desk during the conference hours.

Organizing committee

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