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There is no doubt that mathematics is the basis of all science and technology. The contemporary society always needs the potential ability of mathematics and its wider applications in order to overcome the difficulties in the real world. The Division of Mathematics, consisting of seven laboratories and thirteen teaching staffs, will support the research and education in both the fundamentals of mathematics and its interdisciplinary applications, encouraging close collaboration among the different fields of science and technology. We welcome all who intend to study mathematics and its various applications with us.

The Division of Mathematics was established in April, 1993 as part of the Graduate School of Information Sciences (GSIS) with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary research and education in both the fundamentals and frontiers of the information sciences. We organize international joint research projects and conferences, where the graduate students have many occasions to meet frontline scientists. The trend of interdisciplinary study is now accelerated in cooperation with the Collaborative Mathematics Research Unit (CMRU) founded in January 2011, followed by the establishment of the Research Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics in December 2012, comprised of the thirteen faculty members and the research fellows of the Division of Mathematics.

GSIS offers a 2-year Master's program and a 3-year Doctoral program. The international standard of our graduate program is maintained by constant review. 53 PhD degrees and 183 Master's degrees have been conferred up until March 2019. We welcome students who graduated from not only mathematical departments but also any other faculties where mathematics are applied, for example, physics, biology, engineering, economics, and so forth. Entrance examinations take place twice a year, in Fall & Spring. Admission to the Master's and Doctoral programs conventionally takes place at the beginning of each school year (in April). Admission at the beginning of the winter semester (in October) is possible. It is our pleasure to study with many students with different cultural backgrounds.

2019 Division Manager
Professor Akihiro Munemasa
E-mail : munemasa "at" math.is.tohoku.ac.jp

Recent Titles of Master Theses

  • On stability of non-constant stationary solutions of some reaction diffusion equations on metric graphs
  • Extremal problems of ring domains and elliptic modular functions
  • On the skein relations for the Conway potential function of links
  • Distance functions of knots, Seifert matrices and Alexander polynomials
  • Characters of finite permutation groups and Krein parameters

Recent Titles of Doctor Theses

  • Explicit constructions of spherical designs from ball designs and simplex designs
  • Analysis of two-phase shape optimization problems by means of shape derivatives
  • Distance-regular graphs and Godsil-McKay switching
  • Graph structure characterized by periodic discrete-time quantum walks
  • On extensions of commutative association schemes
  • On algebraic properties of the combinatorial structure of a finite projective geometry
  • On conformal designs of minimal conformal weight spaces of vertex operator superalgebras
  • From sequences to matrices, the Lagrange identity, and generalizations of Hadamard matrices
  • Differential subordination and geometric function theory

By The Numbers

  • 13 regular faculty
  • 6 postdoctoral & visiting fellows
  • 30 graduate & research students (11 international students)
  • 53 PhD degrees & 183 Master's degrees conferred since 1993

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