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    Social Events

    Academic Events
    All talks will be held in 206, 2F GSIS Building.

    Tutorial lectures (in Japanese) 5 Aug
      Takashi Nakazawa Introduction to FreeFem++ (lecture slides: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, other lecture material: 1)
      1. 13:15-14:00 mesh generation
      2. 14:15-15:00 Poisson equation
      3. 15:15-16:00 convection-diffusion equation
      4. 16:15-17:00 Navier-Stokes equation

      Lecture series*** Gregoire Allaire The homogenization method for topology optimization of structures: old and new, Abstract
        (M) 6 Aug, 14:00-17:00
        (T) 7 Aug, 9:00-12:00
        (W) 8 Aug, 9:00-12:00
        (R) 9 Aug, 9:00-12:00
        (F) 10 Aug, 9:00-12:00
      ***There will be group works in the afternoon.

    Workshop 11 Aug -- 12 Aug Homogenization, Optimization, and related topics

    Speakers and Titles:

      Hiroshi Isakari Topology optimisation for periodic structure in wave scattering problem

      Gregoire Allaire Shape optimization with constraints coming from additive manufacturing

      Julian Fischer The choice of representative volumes for random materials

      Kentaro Yaji Topology optimization for flow field designs

      Takashi Nakazawa Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Shape Optimization Problem for Suppressing Time Periodic Flow

      Stefan Neukamm 1. Homogenization in materials modeling - a selection of topics Abstract
      2. Quantitative homogenization in nonlinear elasticity Abstract

      Mario Varga Stochastic unfolding and homogenization of evolution equations

      Takayuki Yamada Geometrical shape feature extraction based on partial differential equations inspired by the high order homogenization and its application to topology optimization

    Workshop time table:
    11 Aug,
      13:00-13:50 Neukamm
      14:10-15:00 Neukamm
      15:30-16:20 Varga
      16:40-17:30 Fischer
    12 Aug,
      09:00-09:50 Nakazawa
      10:00-10:50 Isakari
      11:10-12:00 Yaji
      13:30-14:20 Yamada
      14:40-15:30 Allaire