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Name Details (All email addresses end with
Munemasa, Akihiro Professor, Division Manager
Research: coding theory, algebraic combinatorics
Araki, Yuko Professor
E-mail: yaraki@
Research: statistical science, functional data analysis, biostatistics, information criterion, multivariate analysis
Fukuizumi, Reika Associate Professor
Research: nonlinear Schrödinger equations, stochastic partial differential equations
Funano, Kei Associate Professor
E-mail: kfunano@
Research: Riemannian geometry, spectral geometry, quantitative geometry
Harada, Masaaki Professor
E-mail: mharada@
Research: combinatorial coding theory, combinatorial design theory
Irie, Yuki Senior Assistant Professor [Research Alliance Center for Mathematical Sciences]
E-mail: yirie@
Research: combinatorial game theory, combinatorial representation theory, algebraic combinatorics
Murakami, Hitoshi Professor
E-mail: hitoshi@
Research: knot theory, three-manifold theory, quantum topology
Obata, Nobuaki Professor
E-mail: obata@
Research: quantum (noncommutative) probability, complex networks, stochastic analysis, infinite dimensional analysis
Seno, Hiromi Professor
Research: mathematical biology, biomathematics, mathematical modeling
Shimakura, Hiroki Associate Professor
E-mail: shimakura@
Research: vertex operator algebras, finite group theory, algebraic combinatorics
Sugawa, Toshiyuki Professor
Research: geometric function theory, Riemann surfaces, Teichmüller spaces, quasiconformal mappings, complex dynamics
Takahashi, Junya Assistant Professor
E-mail: t-junya@
Research: spectral geometry, collapsing of Riemannian manifolds, geometry of differential forms
Tanaka, Hajime Associate Professor
E-mail: htanaka@
Research: algebraic combinatorics, spectral graph theory

Visitors & Postdocs

Name Details (All email addresses end with
Kumagai, Shun JSPS Research Fellow
Mohamed Fuard, Mohamed Sabri Research Fellow
Ono, Rintaro Senior Assistant Professor at Tohoku University Strategic Planning Office
E-mail: rohno@
Research: univalent functions, concave functions
Yoshino, Kiyoto JSPS Research Fellow (PD)

Graduate & Research Students

Name Details
Chen, De-An Research Student
Advisor: Toshiyuki Sugawa
Fu, Zhiqiong D1, Pioneering Research Support Project for PhD Students
Advisor: Hiromi Seno
Huang, Jiting M2
Advisor: Toshiyuki Sugawa
Ishizuka, Keita D2, Pioneering Research Support Project for PhD Students
Advisor: Masaaki Harada
Isozaki, Keiya M2
Advisor: Akihiro Munemasa
Kawakami, Yusuke M1
Advisor: Masaaki Harada
Kimura, Kairi M1
Advisor: Akihiro Munemasa
Komitau, Pierre Research Student
Advisor: Toshiyuki Sugawa
Ono, Chiho M1
Advisor: Reika Fukuizumi
Otsuki, Nao M2
Advisor: Hiromi Seno
Saito, Ken D3
Advisor: Masaaki Harada
Sakai, Yuji M1
Advisor: Toshiyuki Sugawa
Schneider, Victor P. D3
Advisor: Hiromi Seno
Suzuki, Seigo M1
Advisor: Kei Funano
Tanaka, Toshiki M2
Advisor: Reika Fukuizumi
Tanujaya, Steven Surya D2
Advisor: Akihiro Munemasa
Tashiro, Fumiya M2
Advisor: Reika Fukuizumi
Tricot, Paul Alain Bernard M2
Advisor: Akihiro Munemasa
Watanabe, Akira M2
Advisor: Toshiyuki Sugawa
Xie, Ying D2, Pioneering Research Support Project for PhD Students
Advisor: Hiromi Seno
Xu, Chunxi Research Student
Advisor: Yuko Araki


Name Details (All email addresses end with
Karino, Chisato E-mail: chisato.karino.e6@
Narasaka, Sumie E-mail: sumie.narasaka.c4@

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