scenery in Japan 2014

New area in the Aobayama campus (2017.05.19)

Along the Zaru River with Tomizawa Station over there (2017.04.17)

New buildings, new pathways, and new subway station (2015.12.21)

It was a golf field coverd by snow (2005.01.11)

The new Aobayama Station is in the final stage of finishing (2015.10.26)

An autonatic door without electricity, powered by body weight at Yunodake PA. A light person is not welcome. (2015.09.23)

Bran-New Aobayama Station Preview (2015.07.14)

Ohori-Koen in Fukuoka (2014.10.28)

Full yellow leaves in Mt. Eboshidake in Zao (2014.09.21)

Science Day at Tohoku University Kawauchi Campus (2014.07.20)

A nice day, Risonare Yatsugatake (2014.03.23)