2019 August: Eight Lectures on Spectral Analysis of Growing Graphs: A Quantum Probability Point of View

This is provided as one of the mini-courses in The International Conference and PhD-Master Summer School Groups and Graphs, Designs and Dynamics, Yichang, China, August 12-25, 2019..


  • Lectures 1-4
    1. Basic Concepts of Quantum Probability
    2. Interacting Fock Space and Quantum Decomposition
    3. Spectral Distributions of Graphs
    4. Quantum Walks on Spidernets
  • Lectures 5-8
    5. Asymptotic Spectral Distributions of Regular Graphs
    6. Graph Products and Concepts of Independence
    7. Counting Walks
    8. Bivariate Extension: An Example

2018 Fall: Data Science Basic "A Rudimentary Knowledge of Multivariate Analysis"

This is a part of DSP (Data Science Program) Tohoku University.

October 5 (Fri) 16:20-17:50
October 19 (Fri) 14:40-16:10 & 16:20-17:50


Basic References

[1] P. G. Hoel: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 5th Ed. Wiley, 1984.
[2] A. J. Dobson and A. G. Barnett: An Introduction to Generalized Linear Models, 3rd Edition, CRC Press, 2008.

Submission of reports for evaluation

[1] During the lectures you will be given 10 Problems.
[2] Choose 3 problems at your own taste and write up a short report.
[3] Submission deadline: Nov 5 (Mon), 2018.
[4] Way of submission: (a) directly hand to Prof Obata
or (b) send in PDF by e-mail to obata@tohoku.ac.jp
or (c) bring to the secretary on 6F GSIS and ask politely.